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Rules of the Game: TOEFL Reading and Listening

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I made ScoreNexus to be a tool to help you maximize your students’ TOEFL scores in the shortest time possible. In order to do that, however, you have to have clear strategies to apply. In order to have clear strategies, you have to know the rules.

In this post I will discuss the “rules” of the first two TOEFL sections: Reading and Listening. These rules were created in response to the basic structure of each section, so I will first discuss the structure of each section, followed by the rules themselves. Read more »

Teaching TOEFL: Adaptability Needed

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I think to be a great TOEFL teacher, besides knowing the TOEFL inside and out, above all you must be very adaptable. Being flexible and adapting to your students makes all the difference in creating a quality learning experience.

Adaptability is of course important for any teacher, but it is especially important when teaching the TOEFL. Read more »