I know the TOEFL. This is my story why.

ScoreNexus TOEFL Blog

My name is Ed Sato and I’m the founder of ScoreNexus. Perhaps you’ve read about my background on our “About us” page.

The purpose of this post is to give you some more background about why you might want to believe what is written in this blog. I have studied how to teach the TOEFL for a very long time.

This is my story: Before I started concentrating on online education, I graduated from USC law school. This is a pretty competitive law school, full of future sharks, like most law schools, but I managed to do pretty well. I then passed the California state bar and became a practicing attorney.

I was able to become a lawyer because I am naturally good at dissecting language. This allows me to interpret laws and write contracts well. This obviously is a good skill to have as a lawyer, but it has also helped me tremendously in creating ScoreNexus.

After I decided to stop working for law firms, I realized that online education–specifically test preparation–would be a good field to dive into. In order to gain expertise on this subject, I began working for a major American test preparation company. I ended up working at this company for over four years.

At first I taught several different tests, but I soon began to specialize in the TOEFL. I ended up becoming the TOEFL expert for the company. I choose the TOEFL because I could teach it especially well using my ability to dissect language. I could explain to students what information was important to know, and what could be ignored. I could explain what the questions were really asking, and what kind of answers students should be looking for. I felt as though I understood what the test creators were trying to do at every step.

One problem was that the materials we had available to teach the TOEFL were bad–just really terrible. Furthermore, when we looked at all the published books about TOEFL, they were not much better. I took up the challenge to completely rewrite our company’s materials. I did this, and soon became the person who took care of the TOEFL program–training teachers, adjusting classes and doing everything possible to increase the quality of our TOEFL program.

Throughout the years, I reviewed hundreds of actual test questions and materials. I analyzed them as I would analyze an important contract or regulation. I discovered all the patterns in the materials, and I understood them better than almost anyone. With this knowledge, and with the years of experience teaching students and training other teachers, I really had become a TOEFL expert.

I founded ScoreNexus several years ago. I began with the goal of creating the ultimate teaching tool for TOEFL–a tool I wished was available when I was a teacher.

Of course, the tool had to be based online, since the TOEFL is taken over the Internet, and of course the test material had to be of the highest quality. I think I have achieved this with ScoreNexus.

In this blog, I now want to share with you all of my insights about the TOEFL, which of course will include how to use ScoreNexus most effectively. I spent years building this platform because I truly think it is needed in order to teach the TOEFL efficiently and effectively. In my mind, no other materials or methodology comes close.

Please continue to read this blog to hear what I have learned over the years about the TOEFL. I hope with this knowledge you will agree with me that you need to use ScoreNexus in order to teach TOEFL at the highest level.

Until next time,
Ed, founder of ScoreNexus